Upgrades To The Property:


When we moved here in 2009 the house had $100K of recent upgrades. The kitchen was completely redone with new quartz countertops and all new stainless steel appliances. The master bath had new countertops and fixtures as well. We added new beds and furniture throughout: the master bathroom has a king size bed, the second bedroom has two twin beds that can be made up separately or put together to make a king size. The living room couch has a pull out queen size bed in it. We added a new flat screen TV and replaced the laundry room washer dryer with new front load GE washer and stacked dryer.


A state-of-the-art Exercise/Wellness studio was constructed. My wife is a practitioner of Structural Integration (also known as Rolfing) as well as a Gyrotonic Instructor (an exercise regimen). She practices out of this space. Her clients have their own entrance and parking at a level below the main driveway. This entrance and parking are not visible from either rental unit. The studio has a top of the line commercial level Life Fitness treadmill and matching elliptical trainer as well as a stretching area that will be available to all guests. This renovation also adds 1,300 sq ft of deck on our side of the house, which affords more privacy to our guests. The 800 sq ft gym space will be shared. Its hours of operation will be sunrise to sunset. The exercise equipment will be on a first come first served basis just as in a health club. Guests of the Vista Suite and Kope Cottage have their own private entrance.

The lanai, deck and the infinity edge of the pool were completely rebuilt.

The solar heating panel for the pool was replaced with a modern computer-controlled system. Because of it we are able to keep the pool at a comfortable temperature year round.

A hot tub was installed in a very private setting below the pool deck that enjoys the same 40-mile view as the rest of the estate. The use of the hot tub will be on a first come first served basis and will not be shared between guests. It accommodates 4 people.

We built a 230 foot rock wall from Kope Cottage to the Exercise/Wellness center and landscaped the entire area. This addition allowed us to separate the steep coffee fields, stop erosion and offer our guests more room, privacy and easy access to all of the facilities.


We replaced the roof and installed a solar hot water system and a very large photovoltaic solar electric system (11.25kw) for the entire villa. While we are still tied to the electric grid we will generate the majority of our electric use by this system. The solar hot water system for the Vista Suite is 120 gallons and has  backup electric heaters so guests will never run out of hot water.

In February we added a new high efficiency LG front loading washer/dryer to the Vista Suite. The recently purchased high efficiency GE front loading washer/dryer was moved from the Vista Suite into Kope Cottage.


In June we drained our swimming pool and performed an intensive cleaning. At this time we switched the pool over to a “salt water pool”. The salt in the pool is 1/10 of ocean water and actually has a salinity very close to that of human tears – it is barely salty at all. This salt content, however, allows us to utilize a computerized chlorine generator that manufactures chlorine from the salt in the pool. The result is a much gentler swimming environment. The water feels silky and does not smell of chlorine. By switching to a system that manufactures chlorine we have bypassed the traditional chlorine tablets that have lots of other chemicals in them and can lead to a build up of undesirable elements in the pool water. People who have trouble with traditional chlorinated pools can usually tolerate this purer form of chlorine.