• The spacious 800 square foot gym area
  • Commercial Life Fitness Cardio machines - what a way to work out!
  • The GYROTONIC© equipment in use
  • The Structural Integration room - massage is offered as well.

While there are lots of activities on the Big Island, you don’t have to stop your daily exercise regimen, or you can even try a new exercise.  And you don’t have to drive to a gym. There is a gym with a great view just a few steps away from your unit (free of charge!) – our Fitness Center.

It offers a commercial Life Fitness treadmill and a commercial Life Fitness elliptical trainer for your cardio workouts. The gym area is 800 square feet so there is plenty of room for stretching as well.  Mats, a balance ball and many other aids are offered for your use.

The Fitness Center is open 24 hours a day so whenever you feel like doing some exercise, you don’t have to hop in a car to get there. And it is almost your own private gym with your own private entry.

If you’d like to try a new methodology for working out, you could try Gyrotonic© exercise.  Atsumi is a certified trainer and will give you a thorough instruction on a one-on-one basis. She will adjust the work out to match your fitness level. If you like it after your trial, she can provide you with a list of trainers in your home town area so that you can continue working out after coming back home.

Atsumi is also a practitioner of Structural Integration that will help make your body become aligned and free of pain.  This methodology requires 10 sessions to go through, but you can try the first hour session and again she will provide you with a list of practitioners in your home town area to finish the process.

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Atsumi is a state licensed massage therapist, too, so why not get a nice, soothing massage after the activities of the day?

Prices (as of 2012)

GYROTONIC© exercise: $55 per 60 minute session

Structural Integration: $80 for a session (60-90 minutes)

Swedish massage: $80 per 60 minute session