Kona View Coffee Roastery

Posted by in articles | December 03, 2014

Our Coffee Roastery is finished and is in full swing: It features a stand alone roast shack at the top of our coffee fields. It is a full commercial workspace and features our new Giesen 6 Kilo drum roaster. Giesen is considered by many in the specialty coffee industry to be the ultimate artisanal coffee […]

The Roastery By Nozy Coffee, Tokyo

Posted by in articles | September 01, 2014

This August while in Japan we visited several high-end espresso bars. Our favorite was The Roastery by Nozy Coffee in Jingumae,Tokyo. They specialize in single origin coffees – rather than blends – in their brewed coffee as well as their espresso drinks. The shop is large even by American standards. It boasts 2 La Marzocco […]

Halogen Beam Heater for Siphon Vaccum Coffee Maker

Posted by in articles | May 16, 2014

Our New Halogen Beam Heater Has Arrived! The first image shows the water being heated in our siphon  – also known as – a vacuum coffee maker. The stem of the upper coffee container is at an angle because we do not want to seal it and cause a vacuum before the water is just […]

Roast Shack Update

Posted by in articles | April 26, 2014

Roast Shack Update Our new roof is more than one half completed. We have most of the rough plumbing and electrical done. We will finish the roof and finish up with the electrical and plumbing next week. Atsumi and I have 26 roasts under our belts as we season and learn the ins and outs […]

Kona View Coffee’s New Roaster Is On Its Way!

Posted by in articles | February 03, 2014

When Atsumi and I decided to bring our coffee roasting in-house we searched far and wide to pick the perfect roaster for our needs. We were looking for the “best” artisanal roaster we could find in a size that worked for us. We needed to roast a variety of sizes. Many coffee farms on the […]

2013 Kona Ironman World Championship

Posted by in articles | October 13, 2013

Atsumi and I went down to see the start of the swimming portion of the 2013 Ironman World Championship yesterday from the upper deck of the new Daylight Mind Coffee Company. Here are almost 2,000 swimmers taking off on the first leg of the triathlon. The upper deck is a great viewing place – and […]

Waiting for the “Green Flash”

Posted by in articles | January 21, 2013

A green flash sunset is caused when a cloudless sky of bright blue interacts with the yellow of the sun resulting in a momentary “green flash”. I have seen two in my life. One was on the West coast of India and it was not really a flash – it remained perhaps for half a […]

Welcome Addition

Posted by in articles | January 01, 2013

While not quite ready for their closeup we wanted to share a picture of our new kittens. On the left is Hana (Japanese for flower) and on the right is Tiga (Hawaiian for tiger.) They are rescue siblings and are now just 10 weeks old. They are a welcome addition to our house since we […]

Kona View Coffee is Finalist in 2012 Kona Cupping Contest

Posted by in articles | December 09, 2012

Kona View Coffee (which is the brand of coffee that we grow here on Kona View Estate) was honored to be chosen to be a Finalist in the 2012 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Cupping Competition and we just picked up our Finalist ribbon. This is the first year that we entered the contest and were […]


Posted by in articles | September 20, 2012

Recently I was invited by my friend Don Ensle to go Sport-fishing aboard the Spearfish out of Honokahou Harbor in Kailua-Kona. The captain is a friend of Don’s named Mark Bartell. We set out at 5:45AM. Allen, Mark’s deck had set up five rods and reels set for Marlin or other large fish. Within 20 […]