About Us

We fell in love with the house and property the moment we saw it 3 years ago. Yes, the view of Kona and the coastline is the best that we saw in our two years of house hunting. But what struck us was the sense of serenity and calm this property and location afforded us. We immediately felt that we were “home.” The climate here is ideal (neither too hot nor too cold). We enjoy quiet country sounds yet are only 15 minutes from town and activities.

Part of the appeal to us also was the location right in the midst of the Kona Coffee Belt and the fact that the property had been a working coffee estate. It has two acres planted in coffee and we planted an additional 400 coffee trees. We can offer our guests our own private label estate coffee grown right here.

We Are:

Atsumi Hara celebrates her 20th year of living in the United States in August 2012. She was born in Tokyo, Japan and moved to New York in 1992.

She had been certified as a practitioner of Structural Integration in 2003 and an Instructor of GYROTONIC® in 2009. She opened her studio “Body and Beyond” here in Kona and has been totally dedicated to helping people achieve their well-being one step at a time. For more information, please visit www.bodyandbeyond.biz.

For 33 years Randy Phillips ran a photographic business (which he founded) in New York (with a sister store in Tokyo) and established the first professional photography portal on the Internet. The New York environs and climate started to take its toll and he sold his businesses. He was in search of the perfect place to retire (when the time was right) and found it right here at Kona View Estate. He finds himself a long way from retirement – in search of the perfect cappuccino – and narrowing in on it daily.

We love:

Sharing our very special place in paradise with our guests.